Beyond the Oaty Bar

Two Years Running

On the Rim I can do radical experiments, but at the Academy I couldn’t. Life’s sacred, theoretically the over-expansion of life is dangerous for any ecosystem. Are Rapist’s lives sacred? Before I left Newhall I found this guy who like playing with children in an unkind manner, well he and I got together and I time how long it took him to die- hogtied in a pit of mud. Nobody even noticed he was missing until his body churned up.

Things are easier on the Rim. Beautiful females on the core would look for wealthy handsome well-behaved gentlemen. All the beauties on the Rim tend to find me over-averagely appealing, but then again, how could they not?

Newhall was slave work. I hope Beaumonde carries better opportunities. I’m trying to control my temper but it’s hard. It seems I relish the pain I cause others when I’m angry. My father always taught me that control was important. The control I gain tends to make me lose control in other places.

Two years on Newhall makes Beaumonde seem like paradise. I walk into a bar.

News-waves! Dancers! If all the bars on this planet are this great- What! Gorram Alliance! It’s been a while, maybe they wont recognized me. No, theres enough people in this place. I’ll just walk smoothly passed them through the crowd customers, like so.

I sit down at the other side of the bar. The Alliance men just seem to be asking questions and surveying the customers.

Bartender: Watchoo Be havin’, sir?

Grail: I hear Old Earth Kentucky Bourbon is made around these parts. I’ll have some of that.

Bartender: Comin’ right fast.

The two Alliance men started headed my way asking questions. I put my head down. My head started to hurt. I heard “click click Bang,” nobody reacted, nobody heard it. The Alliance men headed passed me with out even acknowledging me.

They signaled for a person to come out. A guy came out and his head went splatter-splatter all over the two Alliance.

Enter the Bang Up Black

Soloman Taylor: Marshall! We just got a wave from Hera. They want us to drop anchor at Fitzgurl and drop the scratch with Sam Nye. Problem is we have to actually drop it off which means hirin’ help.

It began like this...
Touch and go

Year: 2518
Planet: Hera

With the combination of a bad poker hand, a bad attitude and an Alliance officer, Hoit Nara finds himself stranded on Hera. The officer figured irony would leave a sour taste in Hoit’s mouth when emptying his wallet didn’t seem to satisfy.

Hoit is now standing in the small and relatively new town of Fitzgurl forty miles east of Serenity Valley. The town serves the area’s farming communities and gives a new meaning to the word “rural.”

What are you going to do, Hoit?

Hoit: What am I going to do indeed, disembodied voice. For starters, I’m never playing poker with some stone-faced Alliance weasel ever again. And to think his little yes-man buddy would accuse me of cheating! The nerve!

Hoit: Actually, I probably won’t be playing poker with anyone out here. I’ve been to small towns before, but this gorram place doesn’t have two gold pieces to rub together. I s’pose it couldn’t hurt to patronize a local bar or two. How else am I s’posed to find a ride off this rock?

Hoit walks into the Stiff Saloon, one of two bars in Fitzgurl. The bar is straight ahead through an area with small round tables big enough to seat four. There is a staircase to the left leading up to the second floor. The second floor seems to be primarily for rooms. The wait staff is all female, including the bartender who gives you a wary nod as you walk in.

Hoit: Well at least this town has something going for it! Maybe getting stuck here ain’t such a bad thing after all. A couple beers or so an’ I think I’ll be able to chat up that cute lil’ bartender into pointin’ me to a reputable ship captain.

Hoit walks himself up to the bar.

Lilah: What’ll it be, Du J’er?

Hoit: "What, is it that obvious or did that Alliance twerp come in here already? Know what? Ne’ermind. Mudder’s Milk, ma’am, an’ make it as hard as you can.

Lilah: You’ve desperado written all over your face. Don’t start nuthin’ here. I’ve got enough problems with the locals without Browncoats rubbin’ faces with Purple Bellies and gettin’ my bar shot up for no good reason but to settle a score won’t never be settled.

Lilah hands him the Mudder’s milk. The door of the bar opens and a man in his 50s walks in. Lilah looks up.

Lilah: Dohn luh mah?

Hoit bites his lip, darting his eyes from side to side as he lifts his drink.

Hoit: Gon beh.

Lilah smirked.

Lilah: I’m glad we understand each other.

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