Beyond the Oaty Bar


Two Years Running

On the Rim I can do radical experiments, but at the Academy I couldn’t. Life’s sacred, theoretically the over-expansion of life is dangerous for any ecosystem. Are Rapist’s lives sacred? Before I left Newhall I found this guy who like playing with children in an unkind manner, well he and I got together and I time how long it took him to die- hogtied in a pit of mud. Nobody even noticed he was missing until his body churned up.

Things are easier on the Rim. Beautiful females on the core would look for wealthy handsome well-behaved gentlemen. All the beauties on the Rim tend to find me over-averagely appealing, but then again, how could they not?

Newhall was slave work. I hope Beaumonde carries better opportunities. I’m trying to control my temper but it’s hard. It seems I relish the pain I cause others when I’m angry. My father always taught me that control was important. The control I gain tends to make me lose control in other places.

Two years on Newhall makes Beaumonde seem like paradise. I walk into a bar.

News-waves! Dancers! If all the bars on this planet are this great- What! Gorram Alliance! It’s been a while, maybe they wont recognized me. No, theres enough people in this place. I’ll just walk smoothly passed them through the crowd customers, like so.

I sit down at the other side of the bar. The Alliance men just seem to be asking questions and surveying the customers.

Bartender: Watchoo Be havin’, sir?

Grail: I hear Old Earth Kentucky Bourbon is made around these parts. I’ll have some of that.

Bartender: Comin’ right fast.

The two Alliance men started headed my way asking questions. I put my head down. My head started to hurt. I heard “click click Bang,” nobody reacted, nobody heard it. The Alliance men headed passed me with out even acknowledging me.

They signaled for a person to come out. A guy came out and his head went splatter-splatter all over the two Alliance.



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