You all know Serenity and Firefly for the most part, but now we get to delve deeper into the Verse with our very own characters. Some things to keep in mind:

1. I am new to both this roleplaying game and as a game master. Be nice to me and let me know if there are conflicts that need to be resolved before they become true problems.

2. We are playing several games right now: Shadowrun, Pathfinder, Supernatural. I realize jumping into another one is going to get complicated. For that reason, we aren’t going to tabletop this for a while yet. We are going to create characters and do some back story work for our campaign. Basically, we are going to establish the relationships among the player characters as flashbacks like the TV show did. This will also give me a chance to learn the game well enough that I can pull information out of my ass, if need be.

3. Character creation:
a. Serenity follows the Cortex system (the one we’re using in Supernatural). The campaign is Greenhorne level which means you will start with 42 attribute points and 62 skill points. No attribute can start higher than a d12.
b. I am requiring every character to have a touchstone. This is an object or person of which is very important to your character… helps define them and such. For example, Jayne’s Vera or Mal’s Serenity.
c. I have decided that no one is allowed to play the characters from the movie although their stat sheets are in the book.

Beyond the Oaty Bar

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